Coaching Programs

The creation of a coaching culture can transform the way people work, learn, develop, and perform, thereby improving engagement, retention, and competitive advantage. Research shows that when people are coached on a regular basis, their level of engagement increases, creating a positive impact on performance.

GP Strategies can partner with you to determine the best and most effective ways to create a coaching culture in which productivity, innovation, growth, and sustainable change can be achieved and integrated into the overall leadership culture.

Executive Coaching

We understand the need for leaders at all levels to inspire commitment, achieve business results, and generate transformational change. Executive coaching provides insight into interpersonal communication, increasing a leader’s capacity to better lead high-performing teams, influence others across the business, and engage external stakeholders. We provide one-on-one executive coaching and team coaching to some of the largest organizations across six continents, and our faculty includes some of the world’s leading and most experienced coaches.

Everyday Coaching Conversations

Everyday Coaching Conversations (EC2) gives managers the opportunity to elevate their coaching skills so they can take advantage of the quick, spontaneous conversations they have with their employees. The ability to leverage the 2-, 3-, or 5-minute casual interaction is paramount to creating a coaching culture and embedding coaching into the everyday practices of managers throughout the organization. This highly experiential coaching development program throws traditional coaching models aside in favor of a very intuitive and practical approach.

Helping Others Succeed

Helping Others Succeed equips leaders at all levels to actively engage employees in individualized, high-performance engagement and career coaching. The workshop experience is modular, with two foundational modules featuring an assessment and coaching skills development. Follow-on modules hone the experience even further in specialized coaching areas. Through it all, leaders learn the importance of helping others and creating a concrete plan for conducting coaching partnership discussions with specific direct reports.

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