Employee Engagement

Using Data Visualization, Prescriptive Analytics and Simple Reporting to Improve Employee Engagement

Improved employee engagement is attainable – if you make it strategic, share accountability, create awareness and equip the organization to actually change. GP Strategies has a methodology developed over the last 50 years to get your organization from average to top-performing, and where culture and engagement becomes integrated with your business strategy.

Use our proven survey methodology, implementation best practices, expert consulting, and tools and resources to help leaders act on results to drive more great days at work.

A shared understanding of engagement is the first step in creating a more engaged workforce. Employee engagement means an alignment of maximum job satisfaction (personal motivation) along with maximum job contribution (putting your people in positions to do their best). These are “great days at work” for your employees. All employees. More great days drive great results for your organization.

It’s Time to Harness the Power of Simple

Our Employee Engagement programs will help you better understand and improve engagement across your organization. Our areas of focus include:

  • Measurement Strategy: Methodology, Project Management, Listening Strategy, Survey Design, and Communications Plan
  • Insights: Organization Insights, People Insights, and Manager Insights
  • Planning: Team Discussions, Individual Plan, and Engagement Champions
  • Action: Behavior Change, Effective Communications, Engagement Conversations, Coaching Conversations, and Career Conversations


From pulse surveys and employee engagement analysis to the technology needed to report and act on results, GP Strategies can help you drive the accountability and actions you need to increase engagement. Please click here for more information on our survey capability.


GP Strategies offers a variety of engagement programs to increase employee ownership of success, help employees understand their unique motivations for engagement, communicate their engagement needs, help managers build stronger relationships with their direct reports, and improve overall performance. Our programs include:

Managing Professional Growth (MPG®)

Our employee engagement consulting and training provides individuals with personal insights, robust developmental feedback, and a proven employee-manager conversation structure focused on increased engagement, professional growth and development, and mutual success.

The Engagement Equation

Managers can’t “make” anyone engaged. This learning experience equips them to do what they can: create an environment that fuels engagement, explore individual team members’ engagement drivers, and coach team members to higher levels of engagement, year-round, regardless of whether the organization measures engagement or acts on survey results.

Taking Control of Your Engagement

Individuals need to understand what meaningful work looks like for them and their organization – and then take action to achieve it. This learning experience provides the insights and tools for employees at all levels to manage their own engagement and professional growth.

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