Facilitation and Consulting

At a time of rapid change, organizations continually need to develop and align their strategy, culture, and leadership for business transformation. This is especially critical when it comes to times of change.

From formal leadership development initiatives to coaching, mentoring, strategy, and facilitated programs, GP Strategies has a global perspective on leadership and offers specialty consultancy in leadership development, culture change, and strategy.

Strategic Facilitation Services

Our global strategic planning facilitators, consultants, and coaches become an extended member of your team delivering workshops, coaching your leaders, and consulting with you on talent management initiatives. They are accredited professionals with real-world industry experience and backgrounds that range from Human Resources, Learning & Development, Organization Development, and others. Our strategic planners have the right resources in the right place to deliver the right results.

  • RIGHT RESOURCE: With over 500 people worldwide, we can quickly and easily source the right facilitator, consultant, or coach.
  • RIGHT PLACE: Benefit from our global presence and local relevance – 70 countries, multiple languages.
  • RIGHT RESULTS: Exceeding expectations, evaluating impact, and adhering to the highest quality standards.

Culture & Change Leadership

To lead in a changing environment, your organization needs to change faster than its competitors. That requires you to continually realign your strategies, culture, and leadership to both respond to and shape market change.

Our culture and leadership change consultancy offers ways to generate flexible, sustainable change and shift behaviors to greet and dominate the challenges of today’s disruptive environment. We help shape leaders who are continually open and responsive to how the business needs to change and how their own mindsets and behaviors can either enable or block that change. We develop a purpose-led culture that is continually evolving and energized through:

  • Change and Transformation Consulting—Create a culture that is prepared for future challenges and embodies a sustainable competitive advantage. We’ll take a deep dive into your company and formulate a solution that shapes the winning culture you desire, from developing innovative thinking and goal alignment to forging stronger teams and relationships.
  • Developing Change Capability—Develop change leaders at all levels who can coach through change and uncertainty and increase the change capacity of your entire organization. By supporting and challenging leaders to view things differently, our consultants drive your leaders’ capability to create a shift in how change is led.

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