Leadership Development Training Programs

Experienced Leaders

Experienced leaders face unrelenting challenges, dynamic markets, increasing organizational complexity, and often, a global scope. They need skills to inspire their people, lead across multiple stakeholders, support other leaders to lead, and build high-performing leadership teams. Using their proprietary suite of leadership development tools, GP Strategies helps leaders connect shifts in their behavior with the strategic and cultural shifts needed for the future success of their organization.

We have designed core leadership programs customized to the company values and strategies of organizations operating in every region of the world. These executive leadership training programs include:

  • Distinctive Leadership – Create a sustainable shift in leadership capabilities and unleash the strategic advantage of leadership on a highly experiential journey that includes assessments, executive coaching, a powerful in-person workshop, and ongoing peer cohort coaching.
  • Influencing Across the Matrix – Learn skills to form strong relationships across the organization, build sponsorship for ideas, gain stakeholder buy-in and support, solicit the cooperation of others, and drive priorities. Trust, credibility, and awareness for the style and needs of those they want to influence are necessary leadership skills.
  • Leading Out Loud– Apply key leadership concepts in real-time and develop communications tools for inspiring action.
  • Outthinker – Discover the Fourth Option® for breakthrough solutions to challenges of any size. The Outthinker process drives teams to become more innovative, recognize the barriers to innovation, and discover new possibilities for their organization.
  • Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? – Leverage real business issues to teach leaders how to adjust and communicate authentically to their followers to create an engaged and excited workforce.


Frontline Leaders

Your frontline leaders are responsible for two-thirds of your global organization, so it’s important they feel supported. Particularly as they make the transition from individual contributor to leader of others, they need to develop or enhance critical leadership skills.

Our frontline leadership journey is based on a proven approach that has helped thousands of individuals develop the skills they need, such as delegating, influencing others, and handling resistance, to lead confidently.

We design engaging and pragmatic workshops to practice key skills in real-life situations and develop strategies for changing your own behavior. Our leadership development training programs are customized to your needs and include:

  • Leadership Essentials – Gain the essential skills leaders and managers need to be successful and produce results on a digitally enabled leadership journey that blends digital learning, bite-sized learning modules, and face-to-face leadership skills training.
  • Leading People+– Equip managers with skills and strategies for engaging and unleashing the knowledge, expertise, independence, and confidence of today’s workers.
  • Leading Technical People+– Enable managers with skills and strategies for engaging and unleashing the knowledge, expertise, independence, and confidence of today’s specialized knowledge workers.
  • Unconscious Bias – Build critical self-awareness by uncovering potential bias blind spots, introduce a language to discuss inclusion, and provide practical, easy-to-apply tools that contribute to an inclusive culture.
  • Addressing Microaggressions – Develop the ability to address microaggressions and micro-inequities, and learn how these experiences affect individuals personally and professionally.
  • Communicate with Clarity – Create open communication that increases rapport and productivity.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Developing emotional intelligence enhances your ability to make effective decisions, build relationships, deal with stress, and cope with change.
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback – Learn the necessary skills to give and receive constructive and positive feedback in a way that maintains relationships and increases performance.

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