Vendor Management

Sourcing and managing training suppliers of content, materials, and instructor resources on a global scale is a resource and time-intensive business need. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Ensure a Predictable and Consistent Level of Service

Every enterprise manages training vendors. Managing the sourcing and contracting of these vendors in a decentralized and inefficient way can lead to higher costs and longer timelines impeding the organization’s ability to deliver learning to the business.

GP Strategies’ vendor management solution provides the expertise and infrastructure needed to improve quality, lower cost, and ensure a predictable and consistent level of service that positively impacts the projects and organization as a whole.




We take a comprehensive and integrated approach to global vendor management, ensuring alignment with the organization’s procurement and contracting requirements while being sensitive to and accommodating specialized local business needs.

You can count on GP Strategies’ vendor management services to help your learning organization meet their global training delivery needs by:

  • Reducing your third-party L&D vendor spend
  • Effectively leveraging supplier offerings and global reach
  • Efficiently managing the overall process from initial request through service delivery
  • Utilizing technology to capture, manage, and report data
  • Continuously monitoring vendor quality and performance to ensure expectations are met




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