Vendor Management

Sourcing and managing training suppliers of content, materials, and instructor resources on a global scale is a resource and time-intensive business need. But, it doesn’t have to be.

You can count on GP Strategies’ vendor management services to help your learning organization meet their global training delivery needs by:

  • Effectively leveraging supplier offerings and global reach
  • Efficiently managing the overall process from initial request through service delivery
  • Utilizing technology to capture, manage and report data
  • Continuously monitoring vendor quality and performance to ensure expectations are met



Enable your operation and…

  • Free up procurement and finance personnel to focus on other critical business objectives
  • Reduce the effort and time commitment of L&D operations personnel
  • Streamline engagements by centralizing the coordination of all vendor-related activities through a single source
  • Simplify invoicing, payment processes, and performance reporting
  • Improve vendor utilization and reduce overall spend


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Want to Learn More?

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