New Product Launches

From runabouts to cruisers, much is riding on the launch of a new product. And when boat manufacturers bring GP Strategies in as an extension of their product development team, good things happen.

Put a comprehensive launch plan in place

Product launch plans created by GP Strategies include direct input from wholesale staff and dealers. All stakeholders will know their role in the launch strategy and timeline.

Salespeople are ready to sell

Product training has been presented in a memorable way so salespeople themselves are sold on the product and can position it against all competitors.

The service team is ready

Service staff has been briefed and are ready to rig and service the new model.

A new product delivery process is in place

Customers who take delivery of the new model can look forward to an exceptional and memorable day when the new boat or recreational vehicle arrives.

The dealership team is excited and ready to go

New product announcement events have been planned and every member of the dealership team is prepared and standing by to promote the new model.

Prospects are in the pipeline

Sales associates have been proactive in contacting prospective buyers for the new model and will make demo ride appointments for as soon as the new model arrives.

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