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It’s a fact. Today’s skilled workforce is aging. And without multi-skilled technicians and innovative workforce solutions, the future of any company could be on the line.

GP Strategies® has the flexibility to address different types of maintenance training needs, from traditional program development and supplementation to plant launch and apprenticeship programs.

Our off-the-shelf and customized maintenance courseware and hands-on training may be the blended solution your organization needs. Our blended training includes instructor-led training, eLearning, structured on-the-job training (SOJT), and train-the-trainer sessions. Our training courseware offers mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control, and operations courses available off the shelf or in a customizable format. Industrial equipment trainers and our full-size training facility are available for use as well.


An All-Encompassing Approach

Our Progresion Pyramid for Technical Training illustrates our training approach.  This model addresses the diverse gaps and training needs of a typical organization.  By assessing where you are now and where you need to go, GP Strategies can tailor individualized ways to get you there by using our four-tiered model of courseware, hands-on training, and structured on-the-job training (SOJT).  What’s more, with our customized Progression Pyramid course delivery process, technical learners can enter at the appropriate level, from Foundational to Fundamentals, to Applied Fundamentals and Site Specific, and receive the right curriculum to support the needs of your specific organization.

Level 0 – Foundational – Training at Level 0 provides the basic essentials of standardized maintenance and operations training through a blended learning model.

Level 1 – Fundamentals – This level concentrates on theory and provides a necessary knowledge foundation, including hands-on labs.

Level 2 – Applied Fundamentals – Level 2 applies the theory and knowledge elements to practical applications and focuses on hands-on skills, ensuring your maintenance technicians and operations staff are trained to perform all the required tasks, and provides opportunities to practice and apply these critical skills.

Level 3 – Site Specific – This customized training ensures you maintenance and operations team are fully capable and well-trained on the use and maintenance practices of your facility and equipment.

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