Industrial Level Equipment

There are many ways to learn. Electrical training equipment is one of the most effective ways. GP Strategies is proud to offer a full line of industrial-level equipment for mechanical and electrical equipment training to support the development of maintenance professionals. Examples include:

In addition, customized maintenance training courses and programs, and top-of-the-line equipment trainers can help your workforce acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to be successful industrial maintenance professionals.

Advantages of Industrial-Level Equipment Training

GP Strategies provides the following advantages:

  • Choose from training equipment delivered to your facility to minimize downtime
  • Alternatively, benefit from classes and labs hosted at GP Strategies’ Tampa Technical Training Center
  • Benefit from industry-quality equipment, which provides your workforce with a realistic training environment
  • Experience customized maintenance training courseware and labs leveraging the equipment
  • Choose from a wide variety of industrial training equipment including mechanical, electrical, process, and instrumentation control
  • Select the option to purchase the industrial training equipment for internal learning


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