Today’s information-driven, global economy presents new challenges for medical information authors and specialists. Medical information inquiry volumes continue to rise, and unique questions require more collaboration than ever with colleagues who are often in different locations. As a result, medical information response package creation and delivery can become frustrating, time consuming, and costly.

GP Strategies’ infoMaestro® is a solution especially designed to help speed response times, streamline content, and reduce the overall costs of response package management.


Collaborate globally for consistent, compliant response package management

infoMaestro® is a feature-rich, robust solution that enables coordination among medical content authors, call center staff, and outsourcing partners to manage and assemble globally consistent and compliant response packages, on-premise or on the cloud.

With infoMaestro, you can:

  • Author approved medical content
  • Collaborate with local and remote content authors, peer reviewers, and approvers
  • Create custom, personalized medical information response packages from approved content
  • Record verbal and fulfilled package responses
  • Optimize inquiry case management, and automatically route potential adverse events (AEs)

Take a tour of infoMaestro’s medical information response system

infoMaestro® Technology is designed to work tightly with commercially available enterprise content management and customer relationship management systems, including the following:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • EMC Documentum
  • Oracle Siebel CRM


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Enable global access to an approved medical content library

Using an enterprise content management system (ECMS) for your approved medical content library is a smart alternative to storing information on a shared server or in a local directory on your hard drive. With all your content on an ECMS, your medical information content authors can collaborate more effectively and content is easily searchable. infoMaestro® is designed to work with many CMSs, including:

  • Microsoft—SharePoint is the core ECMS integrated within infoMaestro® Cloud, and infoMaestro® On-Premise installations can be configured for low-level integration with an existing SharePoint medical content library for behind-the-firewall installations. By integrating SharePoint into infoMaestro®, your medical content authors and specialists will interact with the system using tools and formats that are already part of their daily work environment, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft Office tools. GP Strategies is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner
  • EMC Documentum—Documentum is an ECMS often highly configured and installed behind the firewall as a regulated content library. GP Strategies is adept at Documentum integrations with infoMaestro® having won the prestigious ‘Designed for EMC’ designation. With Documentum connected to infoMaestro®, your medical content authors and specialists will interact with the tools you’ve selected to manage your specific medical information processes.

Improve customer service with integrated case management

Consolidating your customer and case information into an enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) system improves customer contact and global inquiry management. By integrating your CRM with infoMaestro®, your specialists can access approved content and track responses from within the same system where they manage customer requests. infoMaestro® is designed to work with the following widely used CMSs:

  • Microsoft Dynamics—Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the core customer case management system integrated within infoMaestro® Cloud for medical information. On-premise installations can be configured for low-level integration with Dynamics CRM systems for behind-the-firewall installations.
  • Oracle Siebel CRM—Siebel CRM is often configured and installed behind the firewall to manage customer information and interactions as a medical inquiry case management system.

 infoMaestro® Overview

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