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GPCALCS™—The Performance Engineer’s Toolbox will help you use the power of your PC to quickly test and calculate the thermal performance of your plant equipment.

This ‘toolbox’ of Microsoft Excel workbooks is the culmination of thousands of man-hours of development and testing for accuracy and usefulness by experienced power and process plant performance engineers under actual test conditions.

GPCALCS™ is designed to test and analyze all types of power plant equipment, including boilers, air heaters, heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), steam and gas turbines, condensers, cooling towers, feedwater heaters, pumps, fans, and compressors.

A set of Performance Test Protocols (PTPs) is included for your convenience and is available in Microsoft Word format—the basis of a comprehensive test program.

Download GPCALCS v7.0 brochure.

GPSteam™ v7.0

GPSteam™ is a Steam Properties Calculator scientifically designed to provide a convenient means of obtaining thermodynamic properties of water and steam (English or metric) over a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

Entering any two state conditions (P, T, h, S, Q) in the program returns 10 physical properties of the fluid. The calculator provides a user-selectable ‘switch’ to use either the ASME 1967 IFC or 1997 IAPWS-IFC steam property formulations.

Plus, take advantage of a graphical user interface that displays an active Mollier diagram and enthalpy-drop efficiency calculation for one or more expansion lines. Unit conversions are provided for automatic engineering unit conversions (both English and SI) for user inputs as well as any calculated values.


Inquiry response management—time-consuming and costly—can be a crucial factor in the success of any company operating in a highly regulated industry. Proprietary infoMaestro® can help synchronize people and systems.

Response time is of the essence. Yet the content you need for those responses is expanding fast and being stored in a growing array of different, often disconnected, internal and external systems. Each request is unique and requires a customized response, but controlling content while allowing customization is difficult.

GP Strategies has the expertise to connect customer management systems such as Microsoft Dynamics and Siebel CRM with content management systems including Microsoft SharePoint and EMC Documentum.

Virtual Events Platform

The virtual events platform (VEP) is a powerful web-based platform that eliminates the demanding costs and logistics of planning global meetings and hosts customized virtual events at a fraction of the cost.

VEP’s technology allows your teams to quickly, easily, and intuitively set up customized, branded virtual events.

Much like traditional conferences, expert speakers can deliver moderated presentations in high-quality full screen and/or embedded streaming videos using a universal video player, but with VEP, attendees from various countries can attend on their own terms.

From instructional sessions to sponsor booths, it mimics a traditional conference but with added benefits.

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