Operational excellence assessments through powerful business performance analytics

Operational Excellence Assessments

Powerful Business Performance Assessments and Analytics

Improve your business through proven assessment methodology and operational analysis.

Our performance analytics and assessment services are designed to improve your most critical business metrics. Realize key benefits to asset management and human performance on your path to achieving operational excellence. Take advantage of:

  • Assessment strategies in 33 critical performance standards
  • Performance improvement services to close identified gaps
  • Dynamic benchmarking, tracking, and reporting software

Our operational excellence assessments help organizations achieve a culture of continuous improvement.

Mapped to 33 Critical Standards

operational excellence assessment standards snapshot

Our structured approach to operational excellence uses proven assessment checklists, maturity matrices, on-site observations, interviews, and more for all our 33 critical standards. Our process helps you evaluate your current state on a proven 0-5.0 scale.

Our software enables you to:

  • Identify what to address as the highest priority.
  • Execute assessments in a consistent, repeatable process.
  • Track and report improvement over time.

Reporting Through Dynamic Dashboards

overall ranking view

operational excellence assessment site-to-site ranking

Our dynamic reporting system compiles assessment data into cascading scorecards and is easily accessible from your computer or phone.

These pre-loaded and customizable dashboards show assessment data and site-to-site rankings and comparisons, and can zoom out to a senior leadership team view.

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Consistent Results

Our operational excellence assessment services give you the power to systematically improve your business metrics over time. We’ve delivered consistent impacts such as:

  • Reduced incidents and improved safety
  • Improved equipment reliability and effectiveness
  • Increased product throughput
  • Improved regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Reduced Costs

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