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Career Connections

Career Connections is GP Strategies’ suite of career development programs designed to aid individual exploration and support managers as they engage in effective career conversations with their employees. The suite includes the following programs:

  • Your Career – what’s now. what’s next. what if. For individuals.
  • Career Conversations. For managers.

Your Career – what’s now. what’s next. what if. For individuals.

The individual program, Your Career, is focused on helping individuals at all levels of the organization self-reflect, seek support, and snap back when they hit unanticipated change.

Your Career is a blend of tried-and-true components of our career development approach, including the X model, a focus on values, and the need for an action plan to ensure career to-dos happen. At the same time, the program introduces fresh language, the latest research on resiliency, a different approach to program deployment, and micro-learning sustainability elements.

  • what’s now acknowledges that career development is happening every day. It’s not something that is “out there in the future” but rather is happening all around you as you move through your days. This chapter supports individuals as they explore their identity, their reputation, and the gap that sometimes exists between the two.
  • what’s next is about goal setting and action planning. It also introduces the concept of career community—the mutual benefit and long-term stability created by communities that share common interests. In short, it’s about how you can get help from others and help them in return as you develop your career.
  • what if helps establish resiliency in the face of change. Many individuals will experience both expected and unexpected change over the course of their careers. This chapter helps people build resiliency by providing the tools they need to support movement after change occurs.

Career Conversations. For Managers.

Career Conversations is focused on equipping managers to engage in productive career conversations. The program leverages our proprietary research to help debunk the myth that a successful career conversation requires the promise of increased compensation or a promotion.

Managers need to have knowledge of their team members’ identity—their values, skills, and interests. As leaders in the organization, managers are in the best position to understand the large organizational context, including what changes might be happening or where new positions, projects, or other opportunities might be coming up. They also play a role actively matchmaking and connecting talent to opportunity.

Through the Career Conversations program, managers can help individuals:

  • Understand the need for career introspection—how to self-assess and self-reflect on what’s important to them and how this impacts their identity
  • Appreciate the need for interconnection or collaboration with others in order to develop their career
  • Establish a plan for putting thoughts into action
  • Find ways to become more resilient in the face of career change

And the program can help managers:

  • Understand what they need to know about their employees in order to have effective career conversations
  • Appreciate their role in sharing talent—both for the good of the organization and the benefit of the individual

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