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Coaching Supervision

Increasingly, both individuals and organizations recognize the importance of coaching supervision as an essential process to ensure the quality and increase the transformational impact of coaching.

GP Strategies knows that individuals succeed when they are being coached, and it is our goal to support coaching wherever possible. Our support extends into your organization, and we can provide expert coaching supervision for group coaching, mentoring, and consulting to ensure your coaches have the quality, development, and support necessary to deliver impactful coaching.

Having on-site coaches within your own organization can be a cost-effective way to make sure your employees always have access to the support they need. Individuals need to be equipped with specialized skills that allow them to effectively coach. In addition, matching coaches and coachees and tracking their relationships, progress, and outcomes to ensure you are maximizing the value from your investment is key. We can assist in advice of the setup, offer skilled supervision, and provide administrative support to your coaching community.

Coaching to Build a Competitive Advantage

Make coaching an indelible part of your culture, mission, and strategy to improve performance and build a sustainable competitive advantage.

As the pioneers of coaching supervision, GP Strategies is uniquely equipped to ensure your individual and team coaching quality and capacity continually improve over time. Having expert coaching supervision for your pool of internal and/or external coaches can substantially raise their impact by developing their capabilities, resourcing them, and raising the quality of their coaching. External supervision can also increase the transformational effects of your coaching, as it is invaluable in harvesting organizational learning across the coaching pool on a confidential basis. This can help surface hidden issues, patterns, and leadership development needs that are impacting performance.

How will coaching supervision benefit your organization?

  • Achieving return on investment
    Coaching can be an expensive development option, and it makes sense to ensure yours is high quality and yields a good return on investment. Coaching supervision contributes to this by enabling an organization to monitor coaching, develop coaching capability, and increase the organizational impact of your coaching.
  • Monitoring coaching quality
    Supervision creates a regular opportunity for coaches to reflect on their coaching and its impact on the coaching client. Reinforcing coaching objectives during supervision keeps the purpose of coaching central to coaching interventions. Regular, ongoing supervision provides a safety net for the coaching client, the organization, and the coach.
  • Developing coaching capability and capacity
    By reflecting on their practice, coaches develop greater self-awareness and better tools and techniques. They also generate personal insights and discover the best way to meet coaching objectives. This results in more skillful coaches with greater capacity to help their clients achieve their personal and organizational aims.
    The ultimate aim of supervision is to improve coaching practice across the organization. Coaching supervision makes better coaches, and better coaches make better managers who can deliver business targets. But it doesn’t stop here. Managers experiencing good coaching will, in turn, be able to improve the performance of people around them, accelerating change and raising business performance.
  • Drawing organizational learning from coaching activity
    Coaching is most commonly a one-to-one process to improve the effectiveness and productivity of coaching clients. These conversations offer tremendous scope to learn about the patterns and dynamics happening across a business that may be enabling or hindering change and business performance. Coaching supervision can be especially helpful in generating learning across the coaching community, which captures patterns and dynamics that can be used to inform the organization development agenda and strategy.

Group Coaching

Many of our leadership programs focus on creating peer-to-peer coaching skills that help embed the development. This typically involves peers coaching each other on real issues as part of the workshop, then they go on to meet after the workshop and continue the peer-to-peer development. To share experiences and deepen the coaching skills, we provide virtual group coaching sessions. Within these sessions, the group may focus on coaching one person and work through a given coaching model or take turns coaching with observation and feedback from the rest of the group. These are highly effective development sessions that create learning on many levels, as coach, coachee, and observer.

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