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Developing a Coaching Culture

Embedding coaching into your culture can transform your organization. While most organizations develop their coaching in a haphazard way, truly creating a coaching culture requires an integrated approach. In a world of accelerating rates of change, organizations need to be increasingly agile. A highly developed coaching culture can increase responsiveness, as everyday interactions become opportunities to explore questions, increase collaboration, and encourage higher levels of performance.

GP Strategies helps you embed coaching into the strategic foundation of your organization, including your:

  • Organizational purpose
  • Business strategy
  • Leadership culture
  • Organizational development
  • Talent strategies
  • Leadership development

Transform your ability to perform and thrive.

All the research points to coaching as a preferred method of development, with companies increasing their investments. And yet, why is it that so few companies consider whether they are facilitating the strategic shifts they need or seem unable to identify the return on investment? 

Are you one of them?

From strategy to results, GP Strategies invites you to consider how adopting a coaching culture throughout your organization can make a significant shift in the way your organization—and the people in it—work together, as well as with your key stakeholders.

We will help you develop an organization-wide coaching culture that can help your company:

  • Accelerate your change agility
  • Improve bottom-line performance
  • Build sustainable competitive advantage
  • Develop stakeholder relationships
  • Develop and retain your best talent
  • Improve morale, even in the most challenging circumstances
  • Generate resilience across your organization

Access proven tools and techniques.

But how do you know it’s working for you? How far have you reached? How do you move to the next stage in developing and implementing your coaching strategy? How does coaching support the development of sustained competitive advantage for your division, or for the entire organization?

Each organization will be at a different point in evolving to a coaching culture. Our consultancy support can help you understand where you are now; whether you are using external coaching to best effect; how to develop your leaders and internal coaches to maximize their contribution; and where to invest to raise change agility and business performance.

Through our consultative process, we can help guide your organization to a more cohesive coaching culture with the following tools:

Coaching Culture Workshop and Audit

Access hard data on your current coaching culture, and determine where you’re getting value and how best to use the skills you have. From here, we can identify gaps between your current state and desired state, and then provide recommendations to close that gap. This will give you the information you need to identify the return on your investment and where to invest next to get maximum return.

Internal Coaching Networks

Our transformational coaching approach and coaching supervision expertise can develop and resource your internal coaches to become more impactful and effective. Organizations often find this to be a smart way to increase the number of people receiving coaching at a lower cost. If you don’t currently have an internal coaching capability, we can help you develop one through both training and continuing supervision.


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