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Executive Coaching

Inspire. Mentor. Supervise. Manage. Cultivate. Perform. Deliver business results.  From top executives to front-line managers, leaders need many skills.

We understand the need for leaders at all levels to inspire commitment, achieve business results, and generate transformational change. Executive coaching provides insight into interpersonal communication, increasing a leader’s capacity to better lead high-performing teams, influence others across the business, and engage external stakeholders. We provide one-on-one executive coaching and team coaching to some of the largest organizations across six continents, and our faculty includes some of the world’s leading and most experienced coaches.

World-Leading Capabilities and Approach

Each coaching engagement is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet the needs of each individual within a best practice framework. This is grounded in our unique coaching research, process, and approach, proven to deliver tangible outcomes. The process includes matching the coach with the coachee, determining measurable outcomes for the business and the individual, gathering information, creating and implementing a developmental strategy, holding transformational coaching sessions, reviewing business results, and closing with clarity about forward development. Generally, coaching happens face to face, but there is also the option for virtual coaching sessions.

Our extensive global network enables us to draw from a diverse cadre of coaches with experience across industries and business contexts. Our coaches bring experience and expertise as senior executives and organizational development, human resources, and talent management professionals. All are qualified and experienced. All are supervised by an accredited coach supervisor. And many have credentials in a wide range of leadership assessments and psychometric tools.

Our Executive Coaching Service (ECS) offers globally consistent, high-impact, supervised coaching to your key leaders. With GP Strategies, you can outsource the management of your coaching without losing the direction—we partner with you to align the coaching with your business strategy. Key benefits include:

  • Access to high-quality coaches; we manage assessment and maintenance to the highest standards
  • Regular summary reports on who is being coached, how often, and your total spend
  • An increased ability to align the coaching with your key organization and strategic development priorities, growing the capacity of the business
  • Professional supervision of all coaches to maximize impact, ensure alignment, and improve quality
  • Harvesting the learning about organizational patterns from across the coaching conversations to inform your wider development processes
  • A consistent approach to review the ROI on your coaching investment

We can also offer:

  • High-performance leadership assessments measuring the effectiveness of your leaders’ skills
  • The Outthinker Process, equipping leaders and teams to outthink and outperform your competition

Outcomes Reaching Every Level of Your Organization

Executive coaching delivers many organizational benefits, including:

  • A greater ability to align executives with your strategic development goals and improve your business results
  • Identifying organizational patterns from across coaching conversations to inform your organization development agenda
  • Improved job satisfaction and reduced turnover at all levels of your organization
  • Increased effectiveness and retention of key leaders—this is especially important during times of challenge and economic uncertainty
  • Increased senior team effectiveness and cross-functional collaboration
  • A better ability to manage change
  • Retention and growth of your key talent

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