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Leader as Coach Programs

GP Strategies has been a thought leader in leadership development, organization development, and coaching for over 40 years. In rapidly changing markets and flattening structures, and with key people increasingly demanding to be engaged and developed, the capacity to coach others is integral to leadership. It has always been central to our approach in growing the capacity and contribution of leaders. We know that when you release the potential of others to collaborate and find a solution, great things happen. People feel heard, new ideas and innovative approaches are uncovered, and ownership and accountability increase. Our Leader as Coach programs are designed to provide leaders with the opportunity to learn coaching concepts, and to practice and experience coaching so that it becomes a more natural part of their leadership approach.

A coaching culture can create an environment where individuals feel trusted and empowered. Productive coaching cultures emerge when leaders strive every day to turn ordinary interactions into generative, developmental opportunities. When coaching becomes part of the fabric of interactions in the organization, higher levels of performance, satisfaction, and innovation could be achieved.

Coach Programs for Leaders

Coaching is not something leaders do in addition to their job. Good leaders incorporate coaching directly into the way they lead. GP Strategies designs custom leadership coaching training that matches the precise needs and priorities of your business, build on any previous coaching investments, and accommodate existing coaching models that have currency in your business.

We have successfully developed leaders as coaches globally, from performance and development coaching to transformational coaching. Our approach is flexible, and we can develop and adapt programs to grow capabilities in virtual coaching, coaching for change, and coaching through challenging situations. Because leaders face a range of coaching opportunities, we tailor our approach to the culture and priorities in your organization.

We also offer various standard approaches to coaching development:

Helping Others Succeed is a comprehensive, process-based coaching experience for organizations that are beginning to explore the power of coaching.
Everyday Coaching Conversations (EC2) is a faster-paced approach for organizations that are looking to use coaching in a more flexible way.
Transformational Coaching is for experienced leaders and coaches to stretch their development as a coach.

Career Coaching has strong benefits such as engaged employees, reduced turnover, and a better understanding of individual strengths. We offer a distinct Career Coaching workshop that gives leaders the competence and confidence to engage in career-building conversations.

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