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Everyday Coaching Conversations

Everyday Coaching Conversations or “EC2” gives managers the opportunity to elevate their coaching skills so they can take advantage of the quick, spontaneous conversations they have with their employees. The ability to leverage the 2-, 3-, or 5-minute casual interaction is paramount to creating a coaching culture, and embedding coaching into the everyday practices of managers throughout the organization. This highly experiential coaching development program throws traditional coaching models aside in favor of a very intuitive and practical approach.

Leaders leave the workshop with an understanding of how to:

  • Prioritize coaching as part of their leadership style – they learn how to take advantage of tools that support a positive approach to coaching and identify ways to know how each employee may differ
  • Utilize elements of the EC2 prompt – the prompt is a quick way for leaders to recall how to approach an everyday coaching situation with ease
  • Understand the impact and behaviors associates with effective listening using mindfulness and emotional intelligence
  • Appreciate the value of asking more and telling less
  • Approach a challenging conversation
  • Instinctively apply coaching tactics in everyday interactions – they are able to internalize elements of effective coaching, including mindfulness and emotional intelligence.


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Everyday Coaching Conversations (EC2)

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