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Helping Others Succeed

A flexible leadership coaching training process that incorporates exclusive feedback, analysis, planning and dialogue tools. Helping Others Succeed equips leaders at all levels to actively engage employees in individualized, high-performance, engagement and career coaching.

The workshop experience is modular; participants begin with two foundational experiences. The first includes a coaching assessment that is part of the pre-work experience. It allows individuals to get a baseline assessment for their coaching skills and to begin to prepare for engaging in the coaching process. The second module introduces the CLEAR model, developed by Professor Peter Hawkins, as a framework for a structured coaching interaction. Several follow-on modules with specific areas of focus include Impromptu Coaching, Coaching Through Difficult Situations, Performance Coaching, and Virtual Coaching. 

Leaders leave the leadership coaching program with an understanding of the importance of helping others and a concrete plan for conducting Coaching Partnership Discussions with specific direct reports. The organization benefits from:

  • Increased trust between employees and leaders
  • Leaders who can achieve results through others
  • Sustained engagement of leaders and their direct reports
  • More independent employees and decentralized decision making
  • Improved leader/employee relationships
  • Alignment of what matters most to the organization, the employee and the leader
  • Career support for team members that incorporates individual and organizational priorities
  • Improved efficiency and utilization of resources; team effectiveness


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Helping Others Succeed


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