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Team Coaching

It involves working with a team over time, both collectively and individually, and in a very flexible way, to create the shifts in personal and collective behaviors that will lead to shifts in business performance. It requires working in the moment with teams as they collaborate on real business issues, raising performance live in the room as well as off-line in development workshops and activities.

GP Strategies is a leader in systemic coaching with senior teams, working with the complex dynamics that play within a team and across its stakeholder communities.

We offer:

  • Highly effective diagnostics for considering the current effectiveness of teams
  • Frameworks and approaches to shift the team dynamic, connecting interpersonal and organizational perspectives to generate sustainable change in organizations
  • A global network of highly skilled team coaches with experience working with senior teams and boards

Sustaining Coaching Impact

Through coaching circles and group coaching, we can offer approaches to embed in your organization that to help sustain the learning gained through training and coaching interventions.


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