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Culture & Change Leadership

If a business is not changing faster than its environment, it is going backwards. It is a process of continual realignment between strategy, culture, and leadership. At GP Strategies, we believe that the greatest potential for effective and sustainable change resides in shifting the organization’s culture, the pattern of relationships, and the interconnections between all stakeholders.

Each organization has its own unique culture, which is seen through its daily behaviors and practices both internally and at its boundaries. These are the result of the shared values, mindsets, and assumptions in the organization. As a business grows, its culture naturally evolves in response to its environment. As an organization’s strategy changes, the culture must shift alongside it to support the new direction. Step changes, such as stepping into new markets, mergers, and acquisitions, add complexity to the natural evolution of the culture. Digital transformation is leading to fundamental, rapid realignments of strategy and business models that require significant shifts in organization culture. A purpose-led culture can generate high performance and sustain employee engagement in support of business transformation.

GP Strategies offers a variety of services to create effective and sustainable change, including:

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