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Change and Transformation Consultancy

Purpose sets the underlying reason for the organization, and strategy sets the basis for achieving this in the current competitive environment. An organization’s culture—the patterning of relationships—needs to change and adapt if a business is to achieve its strategy. Leadership is the engine for changes in the ways of working. Many industries face massive disruption with the impacts of digitalization, globalization, and environmental sustainability leading to the need to transform their underlying business models and ways of working. Our work in transformational consultancy focuses on how you can shift the culture of a business in response to such changes, identifying both the scope of change needed and the cultural and leadership shift required to make it happen.

Through a wide range of models and methods such as interviews, surveys, descriptor analysis, and focus groups, GP Strategies identifies your current organizational culture and helps you establish what is important for a purpose-led, desired culture.

We believe that a culture that is fit for the future will:

  • Provide a real, sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Drive and reinforce brand integrity by ensuring that each member of the organization lives and behaves the brand they represent.
  • Offer meaning and connection for the entire workforce and other key stakeholders.
  • Guide and inspire decisions.
  • Encourage innovation, risk taking, and trust.
  • Provide coherence and engagement in the face of rapid change.
  • Align employees with diverse interests around a shared purpose.

Our work with you will help to build the unique approach to shifting culture in your organization—not based on simplistic templates or methodologies, but next to you to offer real engagement with the business imperatives, current context, and your own unique change and transformation challenges.

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