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Merger Integration

Extensive evidence shows that most mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve their anticipated business benefits; a failure to address the culture change challenge is the most significant issue. In our experience, it is not enough to focus on getting the “best of both” legacy businesses. The challenge is to define and generate a new purpose-led culture that matches the strategic demands of the newly merged business. This means understanding where the businesses have come from and the journey needed toward the new culture.

Generating this shift requires multiple interventions, including communications and engagement as well as process and system changes that touch on all aspects of people management and connections into the market. It is essential to have a considered shift in leadership behaviors, led by senior teams, and to also engage the wider leadership population. Working closely with your in-house specialists and leaders, our merger integration consultants can help design and integrate interventions, focusing on the golden threads for success and tracking progress through time. We will also help your business respond to emerging needs and deal with the tripwires that are inevitably encountered along the journey.

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