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Transformational Change

Even when most stakeholders agree that transformational change is vital, there can be roadblocks or derailers along the way. We know that the problems and consequently the solutions are usually found at the boundaries and the connections between stakeholders. That’s why we offer change process consulting.

GP Strategies offers diagnostic reviews of your strategy, leadership, change capability, and stakeholder network. Our diagnosis results in a deeper insight in the face of transformational change and fast-cycle approaches to achieve performance improvement and develop change agility. We work directly with leadership teams to make the changes happen through integrated interventions for individuals, teams, and functions with a focus on the impact and the pace of change. Our experience is that coaching senior leadership teams is the single most-effective way to help a business focus on and accelerate the pace of change within a wider change process.

Leadership development is also an essential element in any successful change process. GP Strategies will work with you to design and develop leadership solutions that are focused on the real strategic and change challenges faced by the business. In our experience, and based on research we have been involved with, the best leadership development happens when it has communities of leaders actively working on the real change challenges and dilemmas in the business, rather than with a more generic skills or expertise focus. This means engaging leaders in the need for change and the ways in which it might be tackled, using a variety of approaches to tackle these challenges, and then developing their own leadership capacities in the process.

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