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HR and OD as Change Enablers

Your human resources function is key in leading change, particularly through structural and operational changes resulting from economic turbulence and mergers and acquisitions. In our experience, two aspects are vital to leading strategic change: sustaining a focus on strategic issues and challenging the business to see and do things differently.

While many find this a time to rely heavily on outside resources, GP Strategies has found that creating a sustainable solution often comes from using external coaches and consultants to leverage internal team and individual contributions. This approach results in more cost-effective, sustainable change. To that end, we work with you to:

  • Bring HR capability in line with current and future business needs
  • Provide HR change strategy and roadmaps
  • Increase the credibility, consulting skills, and ability to challenge the business
  • Transfer expertise and provide transition support
  • We raise the capacity, confidence, and capability of change leaders throughout key functions of your business—especially in human resources and organizational development. This development can happen by working with the internal team in a shared change journey. We have a strong track record in creating joint teams that can work collaboratively and help to grow in-house angle
  • Growing team coaching capability to work with senior leadership teams as they lead change
  • Increasing HR consultancy skills to provide deeper skills and more effective challenges to the business
  • Developing OD mindsets and skills
  • Providing professional supervision of the work of in-house coaches and OD consultants
  • Developing change leadership techniques for line managers and change leaders

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