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Engagement Through Change

GP Strategies energizes leaders through change. Our key focus is to help individuals and leaders maintain engagement during times of change by understanding the nature of change and common reactions to it. This includes leading effectively through change, incorporating the role of vision and inclusion, responding to resistance, connecting with stakeholders, and sustaining personal resilience. The focus of leading through change is not in helping people survive, but thrive. We show you how to ensure that individuals have the personal resources they need to be resilient and take opportunities to innovate and enhance performance.

We understand the impact of a strong culture as a key driver of workplace engagement, and our engagement model survey both measures and influences the culture and engagement levels throughout all areas of an organization.

Engagement is the point at which an individual is both providing maximum contribution to the organization and receiving maximum satisfaction from their job. When people in your organization are fully engaged, they are having more “great days at work.”

We also know that everyone is accountable for their own level of engagement. We call this the I-M-E model of engagement:

  • Individual dimension – Each employee is accountable for their own engagement level, and each employee knows what motivates them on the job.
  • Manager dimension – Managers need to be accountable for creating an environment in which engagement can thrive, and they need to be engaged themselves.
  • Executive dimension – Executives need to commit to building this environment by building trust, inspiring and motivating, and breaking down barriers to high performance.

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