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Individual Psychometrics and Assessments

What makes your people tick? Do they see themselves as others see them? What are their personality preferences, and how do those preferences show up in their work and leadership? Giving your leaders a baseline awareness of themselves, how they are perceived by others, and their opportunities for growth can benefit their development significantly.

Using an open dialogue and a combination of psychometric assessment tools, such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (steps 1 and 2), EQ 360, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), and Talent Q, GP Strategies can help your people understand themselves more fully and have more success in your organization. Because we draw on a wide range of well-established and researched instruments, rather than being confined to a limited range of proprietary instruments, we can draw on proven, best-in-class tools to meet your needs. The assessments we offer typically include self-assessment using these tools in combination with 360 or feedback-gathering to complete the picture.

Some of our psychometric assessment programs include the following:

  • Leading Today’s People—A robust leadership assessment that provides insight into an individual’s proficiency in 48 leadership behaviors, including feedback from up to five people the individual has led. The assessment uses a five-point scale and includes both top leadership areas and potential areas for development.
  • Why Should Anyone Be Led by You—A prework assessment that is used in class to review an individual’s ability to meet the needs of followers. This revolves around the CASE framework of Community, Authenticity, Significance, and Excitement.
  • Leading Out Loud—A prework assessment that supports individuals as they explore the strengths of their authentic leadership communication skills.
  • Distinctive Leadership—Includes four assessments: 360-degree leadership, a high-potential team assessment, an emotional intelligence assessment, and a leadership profile self-assessment. These inform a six-month journey and are used both within the classroom experience and in the team and one-to-one coaching that is a part of this experience.
  • Helping Others Succeed—A coaching assessment to provide a baseline of the strength of an individual’s coaching skills.
  • Influencing Across the Matrix—A diagnostic tool that allows participants to assess their relationships and the effectiveness of their influencing skills.
  • Taking Control of Your Engagement—An assessment to help individuals understand their own level of engagement.
  • Managing Personal Growth—A performance feedback tool that incorporates a self-assessment and feedback from managers and colleagues to understand growth opportunities and to facilitate a growth conversation.
  • It’s Your Career—Includes an assessment that fully explores values, skills, and abilities in preparation for career development work. Self-assessment and feedback from managers and colleagues are included.
  • Your Career—A brief assessment and feedback to prepare an individual to personally explore what’s important to them in their career and to help them understand how others perceive them.
  • Building Your Global Perspective—Includes a cultural intelligence prework tool.
  • EQ—An emotional intelligence prework assessment that prepares individuals for their EQ workshop experience and one-to-one coaching.
  • Handling Conflict—Uses the Thomas Kilmann assessment within a workshop to support individuals as they explore their most used style in handling conflict situations.


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