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Organizational Assessments

GP Strategies uses a wide range of tools to assess your organizational health and cultural dynamics, whether across the organization or within a specific part of it. The information gleaned from these assessments is invaluable when starting on an organizational change journey, both for assessing the current context and change priorities and also when tracking progress through time.

Cultural Assessment and Change

GP Strategies has a range of techniques enabling us to uncover the current culture across all or part of an organization. Many organizations have aspirational values and behavioral frameworks, but there is generally a gap between the espoused and the actual culture. Our techniques can help surface your true culture, a vital tool at a time of organization change. It also helps you find the enablers for change in your culture and address the potential blockers to progress. These techniques include descriptor analysis, structured interviews, and culture workshops, where we take people through interactive sessions to draw out and help them recognize their own culture.

Action research is one process where we can both diagnose and help shift the culture. We start with smaller groups—a cross-section of people throughout your organization, including other stakeholders you may want to involve—in order to work on real change and experiment with different ways of interacting and behaving. These methods ensure we are meeting the needs and addressing the concerns of people at every level throughout the business. Based on this feedback and the results of these initiatives, we will then help you refine your organizational development strategy. Change is, by its very nature, a moving target. But the diagnostic information gained from real-world pilot processes and trials can help better tailor the interventions to the areas in need of change.

We use this action research approach (inquire, act, review, learn, and refine) when we consult with you. We also encourage leaders to use this approach in their leadership as a way of leading change, especially in complex, ambiguous situations.

Organizational Culture Assessment

The culture of an organization is the unique sum of its daily behaviors and practices, the pattern of relationships both internally and at the boundary. The drivers of culture are the mindsets, beliefs, and values of the organization. As an organization’s strategy changes, the culture must evolve for the new direction to be achieved. A purpose-led culture is one in which people can feel engaged; there is an alignment that will enable high performance.

To help you generate alignment, we use a combination of assessment, focus groups, and one-to-one interviews to help clarify and assess your organization’s purpose, mindsets, assumptions, and values. At a high level, our culture audit process includes the following:

  • Clarify—Determine the organization’s purpose and values—both existing and aspirational.
  • Assess—Align business practices with purpose, values, and current behaviors.
  • Determine—Develop a strategy to address any gaps.
  • Create—Build an action plan to implement that strategy, including leadership roles, behaviors, communication, and ongoing measures of success.
  • Connect—Link the aspirational culture to key indicators such as employee engagement.


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