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Team Diagnostics

What are the dynamics within your leadership team? How clear are team members on shared purpose and shared goals and objectives? How well is your team relating to its stakeholders inside and outside the business? Understanding the dynamics of your leadership teams is vital to helping raise their performance, shift team capacity, and drive the changes needed in your business.

GP Strategies uses team assessments as valuable input to long-term team development, whether as part of a continuing coaching process or a one-off workshop. We will work with you to determine the approach that best suits your team and business context from a set of assessments to support and strengthen your teams:

  • Team 360—Based on “The 5 Discipline” team framework developed by Professor Peter Hawkins, this assessment enables teams to receive structured feedback from key stakeholders.
  • The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team—A combination of assessments using the Lencioni team performance model along with an individual personality typing for each of the team members.

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