Employee Engagement

Employee engagement not only means your employees are having a great day at work, it also means you’re taking advantage of a powerful tactic. In short, engaged employees are more committed to the work they are doing and the results they are producing.
GP Strategies is a recognized leader in employee engagement with decades of experience developing engagement solutions that are practical and applicable, and that resonate with managers and individual contributors alike. We consult with you about your strategic objectives; help you diagnose and measure the level of employee engagement in your organization; and provide a model, tools, and processes that support driving a culture of engagement throughout your organization. We then work with your leaders to create a solution that increases team engagement as well as employee contribution, satisfaction, and retention:

  • Employee Engagement Survey—Surveys alone don’t create change. People do. So, GP Strategies’ survey solution is designed to provide practical, actionable insights and a framework for driving shared accountability and action that increases engagement.
  • Managing Professional Growth (MPG®)—MPG is a process that incorporates feedback, analysis, planning, and dialogue tools to increase employee ownership of success, strengthen employee-manager relationships, and improve overall performance.
  • Taking Control of Your Engagement—Inside every employee exists a unique and compelling reason why they get up every morning and head to the workplace. This program leverages those reasons to increase engagement levels, maximize performance, and inspire employees to achieve your business goals.
  • Taking Control of Your Engagement – Personal Planner—This self-paced planner helps employees better understand engagement, explore their personal motivators, identify steps they can take to improve their own engagement, and speak to their managers about their individual engagement needs.
  • The Engagement Equation—This program introduces the topic of employee engagement to managers and gives them the skills to develop a partnership with their direct reports, resulting in greater employee trust and satisfaction.

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