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Employee Engagement Survey

Are you survey-weary? Have you become frustrated that your annual employee engagement survey does little to inspire the bottom-line results that high engagement promises? That’s because surveys alone don’t change anything. People do.

As an employee engagement survey expert, GP Strategies’ approach uses engagement survey best practices to provide practical, actionable insights and a framework for driving shared accountability and action to increase engagement on a daily basis. Here are some of the features that differentiate our employee engagement study approach:

  • A short survey with just 27–40 highly focused questions
  • An intuitive framework
  • Indices that reflect our exclusive model of shared responsibilities across executives, managers, and individuals
  • Highly consultative scoping and reporting processes
  • Customizable format focusing on specific organizational concerns
  • Straightforward team-meeting guidelines to drive local ownership and action
  • An online portal supporting local commitments and holding managers accountable for working with their teams on engagement

Employee Engagement Survey Implementation

GP Strategies’ engagement surveys are designed for organizations that have tired of expensive, unwieldy surveys that produce a mountain of data but few actionable insights. Our approach enables you to “take the temperature” of employee engagement in your organization. Then it delivers concise, actionable analyses and recommendations you can use to drive a culture of engagement. A detailed look at all the steps in the process follows.


During the scoping phase, you and GP Strategies agree on customization aspects, the demographics that shape reporting, external benchmarking sources, language translations, engagement champion identification, special requirements (such as kiosks to supplement on-line roll-out), communications strategy, and schedule.

As a consultative organization, we partner with you to develop a true understanding of your organization inside and out. We focus on your business priorities, strategic imperatives, culture, and more.


We partner with you throughout every step of the way to ensure roles and responsibilities are clear and we are supporting you in the actions required to set up the engagement survey process for success.

  • Using our implementation tools, you will be supported as you lead meetings and communications interventions to set the context of the survey process in achieving your organization’s strategic objectives.
  • You provide a list of employees, complete with email addresses and information identifying their manager, department, division, and performance quadrant.
  • You and GP Strategies ensure leaders and engagement champions understand their roles in supporting the initiative.
  • Sites and email invitations are approved and tested.


GP Strategies will send out a link to the employee engagement statistics questionnaire to each of your employees. Respondents will fill out the questionnaire anonymously, and their real-time response rates will be provided daily. GP Strategies will follow up with employees by sending out reminder emails, as appropriate.


GP Strategies will provide you with a preliminary overview of survey findings and confirm the focus and design of a presentation for your senior leaders. Together we will identify elements to focus on as an organization and make recommendations tailored to your culture and strategic imperatives.

GP Strategies senior consultants then lead an interactive presentation of the findings for your senior team and make recommendations for creating organization-wide action and communications plans.

The following reports are provided:

  • High-Level Organization Report, providing a summary of findings for the organization as a whole.
  • Organization Summary Report for senior leaders, including a detailed analysis of findings, insights, and recommendations.
  • Stoplight Report, indicating favorability across demographics. This report is color-coded to easily spot areas (or managers) with potential best practices to replicate or problems to investigate.
  • Snapshot Analysis Reports for managers with a team of six or more direct reports, including actionable insights, interpretation guidelines, and recommendations for conducting productive team meetings to increase engagement levels.


  • Using our implementation tools, we support you as you work with senior leaders to shape meaningful communications of findings and actions. In addition to sharing survey results, leaders will also set the expectation that individual employees each own a piece of the “engagement equation.”
  • Using our reports, managers will conduct team meetings to drive accountability and action. Then they will summarize meeting outcomes, providing feedback on this process through the online Engagement Portal.
  • Individuals at all levels implement the identified actions.
  • Managers conduct follow-up meetings to track progress on identified actions.


The Engagement Portal’s automated reminder system prompts managers to summarize team meeting outcomes online. The admin site allows you to track whether the managers completed their initial and follow-up team meetings, the outcomes of those meetings, and how the managers felt about the process. These insights help ensure accountability and support the sharing of both challenges and ideas for increasing engagement.

Actions: Creating a Culture of Employee Engagement

To explore what they can do on a regular basis to increase and sustain employee engagement, managers attend up to one day of learning intervention. GP Strategies facilitates the training or, alternately, certifies your engagement champions to conduct the manager sessions using our proprietary engagement model.

The activities and workbook content cover:

  • Engagement Fundamentals: What is engagement? Why does it matter? What drives (or hinders) it? And what roles and responsibilities do executives, managers, and individuals have in regard to individual engagement?
  • Engagement Essentials: How to establish trust, build confidence, and unleash potential in support of improved engagement.
  • Engagement Conversations: Practice coaching in regard to individual team members’ unique engagement drivers, either in a structured meeting or through continuous, informal dialogue.
  • Maintaining Momentum: Strategies for helping the team keep the commitments they made to take control of their own engagement.
  • Engagement Tips & Best Practices: Ideas for addressing career challenges, employee involvement, development, recognition, and other factors that influence engagement.
  • Appendix – Forms and References: Worksheets to support ongoing action, including additional resources such as engagement research highlights.

We can also make an expanded online Engagement Portal available that contains all capabilities and tools described above, plus additional planning tools and resources that reinforce the in-person learning experience.

Employee Engagement Survey Resources

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