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Managing Professional Growth

As organizations merge, expand, or change, and as employees navigate their day, it can be difficult to say focused and engaged. If your organization is to succeed, individuals at all levels must pay attention to strategic goals, despite the distractions that may surround them.

Managing Professional Growth (MPG®) is a unique employee development process incorporating feedback, analysis, planning, and dialogue tools for delivering personal and professional development goals. Distinguishing features include the following:

  • A flexible, interactive workshop design
  • Online assessments and follow-up tools supporting continuous development
  • Activities designed to clarify values
  • Reporting to track results and trends
  • Strategic implementations that can be measured with pre- and post-Employee Engagement Surveys

Managing Professional Growth (MPG) Outcomes

With its emphasis on core beliefs and a message of employee accountability for growth, satisfaction, and results, MPG is an experience that has impacted the lives of over 1 million participants.

Through the MPG process, employees craft specific action steps, including a detailed plan for discussing their increased job performance, satisfaction, and professional growth with their managers. Benefits include the following:

  • Employee ownership of their own success and engagement
  • Stronger partnerships between employees and managers
  • Improved satisfaction and performance
  • A common language and continuing dialogue for discussing engagement, performance, and development
  • Employee development strategies benefiting both the organization and employees
  • An increase in strategic alignment

Format Options

The managing professional growth and development session is designed as a one-day, instructor-led workshop. We can also provide supplemental consulting and customization capabilities for organizations wanting to dive deeper into their employee growth and development plans, or who look to align MPG with established competency models and other talent management processes.

Participant Quotes

“This workshop helped in giving me a good plan to manage my personal development.”

“I can now see what my true values are and how my contribution is important to my company.”

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