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Taking Control of the Engagement – Personal Planner

The Taking Control of Your Engagement Personal Planner is a tool your in-house facilitators can use to embed the fundamentals of engagement within your workforce.

Employees explore the drivers of engagement through workbook exercises and use those insights to develop strategies to increase satisfaction and engagement. Then they take action on their own and, if appropriate, enlist the support of their manager or colleagues in their quest. Outcomes include the following:

  • A thorough understanding of engagement
  • A view of their own engagement level
  • Clarification of the values and conditions influencing their satisfaction at work
  • Alignment of their interests and talents with the goals of the organization
  • Actions they can take to become more engaged

Why Focus on Individuals?

Drivers of engagement are personal equations shaped by an individual’s unique values, interests, talents, and aspirations. So, each individual will have different triggers that spark a connection with their work. Unfortunately, engagement tactics and expertise tend to stop with executives and managers sometimes leaving the impression that they are responsible for employee engagement levels. The truth is that each and every member of an organization is responsible for driving their own level of engagement. GP Strategies can help you equip your employees with the tools and strategies they need to drive their own employee engagement.

Our approach is based on our experience that leaders and organizational practices can only do so much to influence employee engagement levels. The individual must take personal responsibility for their own engagement and job satisfaction. The Personal Planner helps employees get clear on what matters to them so they can take control of their career success and contribute fully toward the organization’s goals.

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