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The Engagement Equation

The more engaged your workforce, the more able it is to deliver on your organizational imperatives. High employee engagement drives innovation, customer loyalty, quality, productivity, profitability, and retention of top talent. Yet in most regions of the world, only one in three employees is fully engaged.

With or without the benefit of an employee engagement survey, The Engagement Equation introduces managers to employee engagement and defines engagement through our clear-but-simple X-model. It explains why employee engagement should matter to managers, to individuals, and to the company and delivers actionable insights that can help them unleash the full potential of their teams. Using a learning process that includes reflection, peer coaching, analysis, planning, practice, and action, managers will learn to develop partnerships with each of their direct reports and confidently initiate conversations to discover what drives their personal engagement.

This workplace engagement workshop is reinforced by the Manager’s Guide to Engagement—a resource managers can return to time and again to develop the skills required to convey the definition of engagement and hold productive employee engagement conversations.

The Challenge for Managers

Engagement cannot be improved through corporate initiatives, perks, or rewards and recognition. To engage employees, you need to develop a purposeful relationship between that individual and their manager.

But managers sometimes do not feel equipped to hold such conversations. Performance management dialogue is challenging enough. Aligning employees to strategy, helping team members find satisfaction, and providing long-term visibility on career options complicate those conversations significantly.

Managers need to understand employee engagement and be able to communicate the importance of it to their teams, and they need to understand the drivers and influencers of engagement. Then, with the help of an expert facilitator, they need to think through how to tackle engagement with their direct reports.

Outcomes of Employee Engagement Training for Managers

Engaged employees are not just committed. They are also passionate and proud. They have a line of sight on their own future and on the organization’s mission and goals. This workshop will help managers facilitate heightened levels of employee engagement by:

  • Understanding what engagement is and why it matters
  • Learning the factors that impact engagement and understanding their own role as a manager in increasing engagement
  • Identifying actions for taking control of their own engagement
  • Identifying ways to establish trust, build confidence, and unleash the potential of their team
  • Preparing them for a detailed engagement discussion with at least one employee through reflection and peer consulting
  • Developing the skills and confidence to establish unique engagement partnerships with each person on their team

Participant Quotes:

“Great advice on how we should engage our group. The amount of information received was definitely important to our people-management role. A very good experience.”

“Thanks for the initiative … very productive and constructive. It will assist me to improve my career and management skills.”

The Engagement Equation Book

The Engagement Equation explains the drivers of employee engagement and how to best use them to reach your company’s goals. Unlike many other employee engagement books, The Engagement Equation is based on 40+ years of hands-on research, practice, and refinement by global consulting firm BlessingWhite, a division of GP Strategies. With The Engagement Equation, you will gain inside knowledge of our proven management solutions and how to implement them successfully. Buy the book.

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