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Executive Enterprise-Wide Leaders

Enterprise-wide executives work in an environment of unrelenting challenge, divergence and flux with dynamic markets, increasing organizational complexity, and often, a global scope. Executive leadership needs to be about orchestrating the business ecosystem, not only leading people within the organization but also offering leadership across their sector with partners and competitors.

GP Strategies helps leaders connect shifts in their behavior with the strategic and cultural shifts needed for the future success of their organization in the marketplace with our suite of leadership development tools. This can involve coaching individual leaders, teams, boards, and leadership communities to:

  • Re-frame their thinking, focus on real strategic issues, and gain new insights
  • Shift the way they feel about themselves and their role
  • Gain business insight to lead at enterprise-wide level
  • Grow their relationship capacity to shift their teams and engage stakeholders
  • Increase authentic leadership, personal resilience, and well-being
  • Build on their authority, presence, and impact , enabling them to maximize their impact

In many cases, we have worked with top 100 leaders enterprise-wide, often including CEOs and the executive team. Typically, a 3-6 month executive leadership development program includes:

  • 360 feedback and individual coaching
  • Team coaching in intact teams
  • Creating a digital on line learning community
  • Learning while leading, challenging business change initiatives
  • Leadership modules on self, network, and systems leadership
  • Intensive coaching or action learning groups
  • Board visibility
  • High challenge and support from experienced coaches


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