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Talent Development

Growing the future leaders of tomorrow is a strategic agenda item for CEOs and boards. The challenges for leaders are increasing in a volatile world, and in networked organizations, growing through rapid change, there is reduced scope to develop people through traditional career paths. Today’s approach to talent development strategy needs to be flexible, developing the capacity to learn and change in tandem with developing core leadership strengths.

GP Strategies will:

  • Work with your talent specialists and senior team to generate a talent strategy and processes for your business. We do not use generic tools or take a generic approach. Instead, we:
    • Challenge some of the assumptions in the business about where talent is now and where future talent may be found—too often businesses narrow their options.
    • Develop and make best use of frameworks and tools to enable people to understand their development priorities against the strategic context.
  • Co-design customized talent learning journeys of 3-9 months which support talent development across an organization using a combination of learning activities – simulations, business projects , modules, action learning, coaching groups, network development, mentoring and individual coaching.


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