Overall Dealership Training

A dealership’s sales department may work well, but how well does it support the finance and insurance (F&I) department? Similarly, how well does the service department interact with the parts department? Many dealership departments work as individual silos, but when interdepartmental interaction improves, so can profitability.

GP Strategies’ operations training helps managers and front-line employees see the impact of interdepartmental processes. It also gives them the tools and know-how to bolster those processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Dealership Performance

Sales. Service. Business. Process. When it comes to dealership performance, GP Strategies analyzes everything. Our range of services is designed not only to improve processes, but help foster long-term customer loyalty as well.

Depending on your needs, any number of approaches can enhance the bottom line, including the following:

  • Standards-Based Initiatives—We’ve helped pioneer and advance standards-based operating systems for the automotive industry. We also offer ongoing support, including onsite coaching, custom training, and other aids to improve performance, boost short-term profitability, and foster long-term business
  • Overall Performance Improvement—To improve your dealerships’ overall processes, initiate actions that permeate dealership operations on a variety of levels, improving communication between departments, aligning the dealership with your goals, and improving knowledge of your products

 Lay the foundation for successful product launches

With countless new product launches under our belts, GP Strategies knows how to help your salespeople take full advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime sales opportunity—even if your product is still in the beta or prototype stage when training begins.

Launches are supported with training that encompasses product knowledge, specialized sales skills, and brand-advocacy tactics customized to your new product.

Sales are supported by converting product knowledge into brochures, user guides, and post-sale literature that breed ongoing excitement and loyalty among customers.


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