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Optimize your performance with GP Strategies’ plant performance, engineering, and diagnostics services.

GP Strategies’ extensive experience in the power generation industry makes us uniquely qualified to offer highly specialized services. We can help you with:

EtaPRO Monitoring and Diagnostics Center | Equipment Troubleshooting | Performance Testing
Expert Witness Services | Thermal Audits | Combustion Optimization | Instrument Assessments

EtaPRO™ Monitoring and Diagnostics Center

EtaPRO Monitoring and Diagnostics Center

Many leading power generating fleets around the world face the combined challenges of lean resources and information overload. GP  Strategies’ EtaPRO Monitoring & Diagnostic Center can provide a solution.

Get ongoing access to GP Strategies’ plant performance experts with our EtaPRO Monitoring and Diagnostics (M&D) Center, providing remote monitoring and notification services using the latest EtaPRO™, VirtualPlant, and APR technologies. Dedicated monitoring analysts perform day-to-day monitoring and generate notifications under the technical supervision of the M&D Center Director. Plus, get collaborative access to GP Strategies’ entire performance engineering staff for thermodynamic analysis, onsite testing, and optimization.

For over a decade, the EtaPRO M&D Center and its team of engineers and operations specialists have been supporting customers with our experienced power plant subject matter experts who monitor, diagnose, and analyze plant performance and operational integrity using the industry-leading EtaPRO Performance and Condition Monitoring System.

We help some of the world’s leading power generation companies monitor their combined-cycle, Rankine cycle, solar, wind turbine, and hydro plants from the EtaPRO M&D Center, keeping them on top of plant performance.

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Equipment Troubleshooting
Get onsite performance engineering services to diagnose the root causes of equipment problems.

Typical projects include evaluation and resolution of boiler combustion problems, ESP collection efficiency problems, turbine capacity deratings, condenser performance, boiler feed pump capacity limitations, and feedwater heater performance problems.

Performance Testing
GP Strategies’ highly qualified performance engineers, many of whom serve on ASME and International Test Standards committees, will identify any shortfalls in the efficiency and capacity of the plant and recommend improvements for recovery. Our performance test results can assist you in identifying and quantifying losses, minimizing or preventing future losses, and optimizing unit operation.

Expert Witness Services
Our Performance Engineering services and team offers more than 800 man-years of experience for personalized consulting services to maximize your plant’s performance.

Thermal Audits
Assess equipment deficiencies within the plant cycle through an onsite thermal audit. Our engineering staff can help pinpoint the difficulties that disrupt an efficient plant’s service. Using our VirtualPlant technology, we gain insight into the way your plant is operating to detect and quantify performance deviations down to the component level. The thermal audit is a cost-effective method to evaluate the condition of a generating unit using existing plant instrumentation.

Combustion Optimization
GP Strategies personnel have extensive experience using combustion diagnostic tools and techniques to assess and optimize boiler combustion to improve operability, performance, and reduce emissions.
Instrument Assessments
GP Strategies performance engineers have extensive experience in the evaluation, selection, and procurement of instrumentation for ASME quality performance tests and for permanent installation in the plant. We can evaluate your instrumentation and provide recommendations for enhancements and augmentation of plant equipment.

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