Product Launch

Success in every part of business is impacted by the speed at which organizations continually transform their people. This is just as true for the creation and flow of knowledge as it is for inventory turns in a manufacturing operation. Having the right knowledge and processes is no longer sufficient. Organizations must also have the ability to respond to changing market conditions and other forces. As a result, the velocity at which knowledge flows up and down in an organization is a critical measure of business health. The speed in which an organization can provide the information workers need to do their jobs along with the “how,” “when,” and “where” you deliver your product launch message is critical to success.

Developing and executing an effective strategy for learning, performance support, and collaboration is vital. As a leader in this field, GP Strategies has built our reputation on delivering the velocity needed for our clients to keep pace in today’s competitive environment. By timing and customizing information messages to the appropriate wholesale, retail, and consumer audiences at the appropriate times, manufacturers can maximize the effectiveness of their product launch plans and impact the bottom line. Contact us to learn more about our product launch consulting services.

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