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Product Training

As new technologies continue to impact the way automotive companies design and manufacture new vehicles, GP Strategies is committed to finding new, innovative ways of ensuring the workforce is prepared to produce the highest quality products in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

With a list of proven processes, best practices, lessons learned, and demonstrated successes, GP Strategies has vast experience in developing and delivering product-specific training to the automotive industry.

Our personnel, many of whom have engineering degrees or ASE technical certifications, lend insight into both new and existing products and systems, ensuring that courses are developed and delivered with world-class results.

Vehicle Manufacturing End of Line Repair Training and Quality Alert Systems

End of line product training is targeted to the workers responsible for ensuring that new vehicles work properly and pass all tests before they leave your plant. As a long-time provider of training for this phase of production, GP Strategies’ process is to develop and deliver training that teaches workers how to properly assemble, diagnose, and repair the new and complex systems found in cars today.

This is often coupled with updating your plant’s quality tracking mechanism. GP Strategies experts provide a problem-solving approach to ensure that the root cause of common product issues is identified, resolved, and then shared as lessons learned with product engineering and at other launching facilities.

Equipment & Controls Systems Training

Your plant floor equipment and control systems are getting more and more complex every day. Your workers are shifting positions and need to be multi-skilled. Many of your more experienced workers have retired.

GP Strategies provides performance solutions and launch-related training for manufacturing organizations, including stamping, powertrain, and assembly operations. We provide the training needed to maximize worker effectiveness and improve human performance in technologically complex work environments.

GP Strategies’ trainers and extensive training curricula can help. We provide hands-on training for your controls and automated systems to keep your performance strong. With our proven processes and programs, we can help reduce training time while maximizing training effectiveness.

Run efficiently with systems documentation and training

Automotive plants have complex production lines with components that are designed to function together through a shared controls architecture. It’s not enough for your people to understand just the components. Today’s operators and maintenance personnel have to understand the entire system to be able to maintain and troubleshoot faults in a timely and efficient manner during downtime situations.

GP Strategies has been designing and developing custom systems documentation and training programs for over 50 years. We have the experience to help your employees understand how the system functions and quickly diagnose and troubleshoot technical problems using proven problem-solving techniques.

Reinforce training with work instructions and structured on-the-job training

Today’s automotive work environment requires employees to support many different types of equipment and systems. Providing clear work instructions with graphics and photos in a logical step-by-step sequence can be a great tool for improving efficiency and reinforcing common processes. On-the-job training builds worker proficiency by demonstrating proper processes, standard operating procedures, and test techniques.

Learners respond best when the demonstrations they are shown are not generic, but model the specific job tasks they will have to execute. GP Strategies creates on-the-job training that minimizes the time learners are away from the job and ensures learners are prepared to perform immediately, reducing time to competency and maximizing training effectiveness.

Coupling your work instructions with a well-designed structured on-the-job training (SOJT) program can give you the competitive advantage. From powertrain and engine plants to assembly and stamping operations, GP Strategies has proven experience in creating easy-to-use work instructions and training programs to help ensure your people have the skills and knowledge to be successful.

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