Organization & Leadership Development

This suite presents an array of programs designed to provide your people with an opportunity to focus on their own management approaches and to sharpen specific skills.

This investment in your leaders will ensure their own success, the success of the people they manage, and the success of the organization at large.

Our organizational development programs focus on topics such as:

  • Accountability – Learn the skills and behaviors necessary for creating an accountable organization
  • Communicate with Clarity – Role-play and group activities provide your leaders with the opportunity to identify and practice steps and processes to improve communication skills
  • Emotional Intelligence – Increase ability to make effective decisions, build relationships, deal with stress, and cope with change
  • Feedback: Giving and Receiving – Acquire necessary skills to both give and receive constructive feedback that maintains relationships and increases performance
  • Hiring Talent – Select the right person for the right job by learning to assess, build, and conduct high-quality selection interviews
  • Mentoring – Learn the best practices for how a mentor and protégé can work effectively together
  • Presentation Skills – Develop and deliver a clear, concise message that will quickly and effectively get the attention of the audience
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making – Identify problems proactively, correctly state problems, identify the most likely cause, and determine innovative solutions
  • Teamwork – Create a team environment that fosters a positive and productive work group
  • Coaching for Performance – Learn the tools to coach effectively and enable the performance improvement of all team members
  • Delegation – Revisit the long-forgotten art of delegation
  • Facilitating Effective Meetings – Acquire the tools and methods to plan, prepare, and facilitate productive meetings that will capitalize on the talents of all attendees
  • Handling Conflict – Learn the skills and perspectives necessary to effectively manage conflict
  • Leading Change – Learn about the five-step approach for communicating change and the tool to analyze the resistors and drivers of change
  • Partnering for Performance – Learn to collaboratively develop performance goals, provide feedback and coaching toward these goals, and review performance goals
  • Provide Powerful Service – Identify best practices and supporting skills to continue to provide excellent service to both internal and external customers
  • Stress Management – Learn how stress works: the personal sources and the effects, and develop resilience strategies to reduce stress and improve productivity
  • Time Management – Learn the tools and techniques that help complete projects and tasks more efficiently and help manage the stress

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Leadership Solutions

GP Strategies’ leadership development programs help equip leaders at all levels to up their game.

By weaving together instructional design, online tools, external partner content, and client-specific information, we deliver high-impact leadership training solutions tailored to your specific situation:

  • Building Generational IQ – Develop both personal and organizational competence in engaging a multigenerational workforce
  • Building your Global Perspective – Adopt a global mindset and integrate cultural intelligence into your leadership approach
  • Influencing Across the Matrix – An interactive workshop that helps you gain the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate matrix environments
  • Leading Out Loud – Learn a real-time application of key leadership concepts and communication tools for inspiring action
  • Leading Technical People+ – Equip managers with skills and strategies for engaging and unleashing the knowledge, expertise, independence, and confidence of today’s specialized knowledge workers
  • Why Should Anyone be Led by You? – Enhance your personal ability to deal with your organization’s most pressing priorities: culture and workforce
  • Building High-Performance Teams – Learn how interventions, a compelling purpose, and setting key outcomes can help your team perform
  • Helping Others Succeed – Equip leaders at all levels to actively engage employees in individualized performance, engagement, and career coaching
  • Leading in a Virtual Environment – Learn the critical management fundamentals, tools, and strategies to deal successfully with virtual leadership situations
  • Leading People+ – Equip managers with the skills and strategies necessary for engaging and unleashing the knowledge, independence, and confidence of today’s workers
  • The Leader in 2025 – Identify and understand the biggest workplace trends impacting business today: multigenerational workforce, wearable technology, social media, globalization, virtual teams, social learning, gamification, and more

Employee Engagement Suite

GP Strategies’ BlessingWhite division helps organizations make employee engagement a concept that is practical, applicable, and that resonates with managers and individual contributors alike.

We assist our clients through a blend of consulting and the following core tools and processes:

  • The Engagement Equation – Introduce learners to the topic of employee engagement: why it matters to the manager, to the individuals, and to the company
  • Taking Control of your Engagement – Learn how responsibility lies with each employee to be clear on what matters to them in order to take control of their careers
  • MPG®: Managing Professional Growth – Learn about this proprietary process that incorporates feedback, analysis, planning, and dialogue tools for delivering on personal and organizational goals
  • Employee Engagement Survey – Learn how a survey provides practical, actionable insights and a framework for driving shared accountability and action to increase engagement daily

Career Suite

Organizations looking to build a comprehensive engagement strategy centered on careers, need a multifaceted approach, providing tools and a clear career philosophy that managers can articulate in performance and engagement conversations.

GP Strategies’ suite of career solutions is designed as a foundation upon which a customized and strategically focused career initiative can be built:

  • Career Coaching – Provides solutions to equip managers to have purposeful career conversations that benefit the organization as much as the person being coached
  • Career Portal – Facilitated learning experiences in a portal to provide the knowledge and motivation that employees and managers need to enhance their career
  • It’s Your Career – Designed to help employees explore and take action on opportunities for development or challenging work

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