Safety, Environmental & Compliance

The power industry operates in a highly complex, regulated environment. Managing and mitigating risk to personnel, equipment, and assets is a top priority. Leading companies achieve strong safety cultures, optimal human performance, and sustainable policies and procedures with a focus on Operational Excellence. GP Strategies can help develop a risk
mitigation and regulatory compliance program that ensures your plant and personnel operate in safe manner. Our services include the following:

Health and Safety Training

Achieve compliance, reduce fines, and decrease incidents by creating a culture of safety and exceptional human performance. GP Strategies can provide your personnel the training they need to operate in a safe and reliable manner. Our safety training courseware considers critical requirements from regulatory and other agencies such as OSHA and NFPA. We offer blended learning programs with a combination of eLearning, hands-on, and instructor-led courses or customized materials to meet your specific needs.

Environmental Compliance Training

Staying abreast of current and upcoming compliance changes is critical for power companies. Paying attention to requirements of the Clean Power Plan and other Clean Coal legislation to reduce carbon pollution is critical to avoid millions of dollars of fines and public scrutiny.

GP Strategies can you help you develop and implement effective environmental compliance management system that ensure your personnel know how to adhere to procedures and operate and maintain critical equipment in the appropriate manner.

NERC Compliance Training

Bulk Electric System (BES) users need to clear many hurdles to ensure reliability, maintain performance, and achieve regulatory compliance. From audits to PER-005 mandates, satisfying North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) requirements can create stress and draw your attention away from core responsibilities.

With over 50 years of experience creating training programs for the energy industry, GP Strategies has the experience and services to address all of your NERC compliance needs. Our solutions help you boost reliability, improve operator performance, and comply with NERC and PER-005 standards. Services include the following:

  • Quick start assessments
  • NERC audits
  • Job and task analyses
  • Compliant training program development
  • Continuing education for system operators

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