Channel Development

Capable and equipped partnerships can mean the difference between success and failure. The difference lies in getting all your channels effectively selling before, during, and after the actual sale.

At GP Strategies, we can make your sales channels, including installation and support, more effective through our full range of dealer development process services:

  • Sales Department – GP Strategies-designed training to help your sales consultants improve their skills, increase sales, and boost customer satisfaction
  • Service Technical and Non-Technical – Specialized non-technical training (e.g. warranty, product specification and positioning training) and technical (e.g. product configuration, repair, troubleshoot) to help service consultants, managers, and technicians be more effective in their interactions with customers
  • Business Operations – GP Strategies comprehensive solutions cover the areas of management, profitability, expertise, systems, customer satisfaction, and customer relationship management. Specialized training gives your business office an understanding of your operating system and reports, and the skills to apply that knowledge to business improvements
  • Product Launch/Training – Optimize your product launch with GP Strategies’ cascading approach to implementation that maximizes worker effectiveness and improves employee performance in technologically complex work environments. Get the most out of your product launch by timing and customizing messages to the appropriate wholesale, retail, and consumer audiences

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