The challenge of bringing customers to the showroom is just one part of a bigger picture. The engine that makes the dealership work—the behind-the-scenes methodologies and systems in place—underscore the customer experience, the smooth-running operation, and ultimately, its profitability.

 Sales Training

There’s no substitute for knowledge. Arm salespeople with the skills they need to increase sales and enhance the dealership’s bottom line. Our award-winning sales training will increase profitability by integrating product knowledge, sales skills, sales operations skills, and brand advocacy.

Vehicle Launches

Information. Audience. Timing. A successful vehicle launch incorporates these three considerations. When these elements work together, you’ll benefit from an informed workforce and educated consumers predisposed to purchasing your vehicle.

GP Strategies incorporates these elements into all of our comprehensive vehicle launch services, including the following:

  • Vehicle Launch Events—Immersing wholesale and retail representatives in the vehicle experience, delivering workshops, and developing consumer events to make the most of your vehicle’s first impression on the marketplace
  • Product Information Communications—Tailoring vehicle launch information to all your audiences so wholesale and retail participants absorb information most relevant to their jobs while consumers experience the vehicle in ways that predispose them to consideration and purchase
  • Consumer Marketing Support—Delivering personalized content and targeted incentives to your prospects to encourage their decision to buy

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