Sales Enablement

Everyone knows there are top, average, and lower end reps. At the same time, most businesses want to close the gap and get more sales out of the same resources. However, most mistakenly think the solution lies in simply hiring more top reps.

At GP Strategies, we believe that organizations need sales training development designed to help sales leaders tackle critical components of sales enablement and organizational change. With Sales Enablement strategies that get the whole organization aligned and working together, and sales force excellence methodologies that focus on what really matters and will shift the curve to get more out of your existing sales reps, your workforce can deliver dramatically better results than you are currently achieving. Our Sales Development Strategy includes:

  • Aligning human capital strategy to a new selling strategy as a way to survive in a customer-centric age
  • Re-aligning learning strategies to business strategies
  • Defining the new roles needed to win in the future
  • Helping sales leaders recruit, hire, and onboard new people that meet the newly defined standards of excellence
  • Developing current employees to perform to the future-state definition of excellence in their role
  • Enabling new types of support/coaching from leaders via sales training development

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