Sales Training

Before becoming successful at selling products in the recreational vehicle industry, you need product knowledge, a solid sales process, and the selling skills necessary to connect with customers. GP Strategies can give you the tools you’ll need.

Make a lasting first impression

When customers walk into your dealership, visit your display at the boat or recreational vehicle show, or contact you online, you have only seconds to make a good first impression and gain their trust. At GP Strategies, we have the strategies in place to help you increase your sales effectiveness with customized sales training solutions focused on the specialized needs of your customers.

Product training

Our training developers provide the tools you’ll need to become a product expert. Our custom training solutions communicate the key feature/benefit story of your products, so salespeople have the latest information and know the reasons why your products are better than those of your competitors.

Sales process training

We help your sales team develop an effective sales process and the business support tools to go along with it. Our goal for your team is to provide them with a tool for tracking each prospect, and for understanding where each prospect is in the buying process. When salespeople follow a sales process based on years of proven sales strategy and best practice, unit sales and the number of repeat and referral customers increase.

Selling skills training

From greeting to closing, how your salespeople treat the customer makes all the difference. Our car sales training programs present learning concepts, show examples, and then require salespeople to demonstrate how to apply the concept in a practice session. When the amount of practice increases, closing rates increase.

Sales management training

Managing and coaching your sales team to increase recreational vehicle sales and margins can pay strong dividends. Our customized sales management programs encourage managers to take time for working ‘on’ their business, instead of working only ‘in’ their business. Techniques and tools for measuring the effectiveness of your sales team, along with the coaching skills you’ll need to sustain an increase in sales, is the emphasis here.

Leverage a full range of training media for optimal results

GP Strategies leverages all media formats to deliver high-performance sales training that’s both engaging and effective. From instructor-led sales meetings and workshops to outsourced product instruction and web-based training, we’re adept in all delivery methods including print, video, audio, and digital formats. Our sales training capabilities range from the development of one course to the creation of a complete online curriculum or corporate university, all based on your requirements.

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