Engineering and Fabrication

GP Strategies offers a wide-range of engineering and fabrication services that provide our clients with long-lasting, durable, and customized solutions for their technical needs. Our work in the aerospace, healthcare, military, oil and gas, power, and food and beverage industries has helped hundreds of companies achieve their goals with regard to Operational Readiness and Capital Expenditure Projects.

ENR has listed GP Strategies as one of the Top 500 Engineering Design Firms for the last four years.

Whether designing infrastructure to handle gaseous chemicals or providing feasibility consultations for your capital project, trust an engineering service provider that understands the big picture of your organization and its capital projects, a partner that will help you achieve operational excellence.

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    Engineering and EPCM

    Whether you’re expanding an existing facility or breaking ground on a new one, GP Strategies can assist in the design, build, and management of your specialized facilities with experts in Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management. We help from initial feasibility studies, and engineering design phase, all the way through procurement, construction and construction management.

    Our breadth of experience expands across many technical industries to ensure on-time start up, reducing overall life-cycle costs, and achieving operational readiness sooner than expected.

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    Pressure System Solutions: Propellants, Pressurants, Process

    GP Strategies offers a holistic, end-to-end engineered solution for the safe handling and management of gaseous and liquid chemicals used in processes such as chemical manufacturing, propellants for space exploration, and pressurants for numerous industrial and high-tech applications.

    Our solution combines the following six areas of core pressure systems expertise: Design and Design-Build, High Purity Fabrication, Piping & Pressure Vessels, Customer Gas Delivery Systems, Asset Management, and System Mechanical Integrity.

    Regardless of industry, if you are a current or soon-to-be-user of gases and liquids in your manufacturing process or operations, we can help with all aspects — from the new process system design and fabrication to ongoing maintenance and inspection of existing assets.

Aerospace Fabrication

High Purity Fabrication

Specialized system and panel fabrication/assembly that follows industry cleaning and assembly protocols; includes orbital welding, precision cleaning, and clean room assembly to reduce system contamination (e.g. hydrocarbons and particles).


Piping & Pressure Vessels

System specifications; designs per National Consensus Pressure Technology Codes and Standards; Verification & Validation procedures and performance test requirements {complete, integrated, & functionally verified}; National Board R-stamp repairs and/or alterations; nondestructive testing/examination.


System Mechanical Integrity

OSHA Process Safety Management compliant methodology for performing life extension/fitness-for-services; life-cycle sustainment; and asset management.


Custom Gas Delivery System

Design and fabrication of specialized gas delivery panels, purge systems, reclamation systems, fill & test systems, pressure control systems, manifold systems, gas mixing systems, and test panels used in manufacturing activities.
With remote and discrete control through PLC control systems.


Design & Design-Build

GP Strategies offers specialized design and design build of components, systems and structures.


Asset Management

Consultation and coaching to better understand equipment asset costs, risks against the desired performance of assets to achieve your company objectives.
GP Strategies has optimization software that enables the application of analytical approaches towards managing an asset over the different stages of its life-cycle.

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