EtaPRO Archive — Store and Manage Data Effectively

A Cost Effective, High-Speed Data Historian that Helps you Manage your Data With Ease

EtaPRO Archive is a high-performance data historian that allows you to collect, analyze, and store data effectively. It stores process data at original (or nearly original) resolution and quickly delivers trends and statistics to the EtaPRO Client.

Data Historian

EtaPRO Archive was built on proven Microsoft SQL technology and incorporates advanced methods for storing and retrieving large amounts of time series data efficiently and reliably. This practical, valuable archives process data, machine vibration readings, and EtaPRO results.

EtaPRO Archive can be used as the sole data historian for EtaPRO or used in combination with other historians. It is installed on the EtaPRO Server and handles the storage and retrieval of numerical and digital data for each configured data-point. EtaPRO Archive includes data interfaces for collecting data from a variety of sources, for example, control systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), etc.

EtaPRO Benefits

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    Robust Database

    EtaPRO Archive uses a robust and proven database to store years of process data online. EtaPRO Archive allows full-featured EtaPRO systems to be deployed on a tag-neutral basis in a wide variety of historian environments without the need for expanding the source historian. There is no tag count limitation for EtaPRO Archive.

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    Easy Integration

    EtaPRO Archive has the ability to integrate with other existing historians at your plant or facility. This means plants can keep their existing historian but also realize the benefits of having EtaPRO’s historian to capture data for EtaPRO applications.

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    Cost Effective and Customizable

    GP Strategies’ EtaPRO Archive historian offers the flexibility plants and facilities need to store data, which can be used by EtaPRO applications. Also, EtaPRO Archive is a great solution for a plant historian because it offers the availability of unlimited tagging and customization to meet a facility’s needs.

    • Is cost effective compared to other historians
    • Offers a smooth integration into performance and condition monitoring technologies
    • Is highly customizable and scalable based on each plant’s architecture
    • Provides a secure platform
    • Can be used easily in conjunction with other data historians

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