EtaPRO Predictor — Reduce Costs with Advanced Diagnostics & Prognostics

True Diagnostics and Prognostics for Rotating Equipment

EtaPRO Predictor is the only monitoring technology on the market that combines advanced diagnostic tools in an automated approach to detect, diagnose, and prognose potential faults on any type of critical rotating equipment.

Using highly developed machinery dynamics and vibration monitoring principles to automatically analyze and diagnose reliability issue, EtaPRO Predictor detects issues at their earliest stages so you can take proactive action before costly failures occur. Unlike OEM protection systems, EtaPRO Predictor predicts time to criticality and provides recommendations for action to avoid unplanned downtime, all within the EtaPRO System.

EtaPRO Predictor

How It Works

Vibration signals carry vast amounts of diagnostic information about machine component problems in their early development. This diagnostic information is revealed by the GP Strategies proprietary Signature Processing Units (SPUs), executing advanced time and spectral analyses. EtaPRO Predictor vibration analysis software turns this information, together with process and geometrical component data, into automatic fault diagnosis (AutoDiagnosis) messages. An instantaneous AutoDiagnosis reveals events such as rubbing, surge, and cavitation, while a predictive AutoDiagnosis reveals specific machinery faults in their early development and provides a time-to-criticality prognosis for recommended action.

Predictor Benefits

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    Automatic Fault Diagnosis (AutoDiagnosis)

    Predictor™ provides automatic fault diagnosis for faults in critical machine components and potential faults. The foundation of AutoDiagnosis is the synergy between classification, normalization and fault selective signatures. The result is early fault detection and accurate diagnosis with explanatory messages presented to users in clear text. Locally defined recommendations for action, together with prediction of fault development and the date for required inspection/maintenance, ease the tasks for the users.

    Fault prediction provides the user with clear information required for maintenance planning and operation improvements.

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    Engineers' Tools

    Detailed manual analysis is possible using the signature plots as well as the manual analysis tools, for example Orbit, 3-D, Multiple Trend Analysis, Scatter and Nyquist, etc. Statistical analysis functions are available for easy data classification and investigation of relationships between parameters.

    Extensive data filter and sorting facilities allow fast and easy access to historic data and a wide scope of graphic tools provide presentation in any appearance domain for easy assessment and troubleshooting.

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    Early Warning on Faults

    EtaPRO Predictor monitors a wide range of faults to help plants and manufacturing facilities see the condition of their most critical assets. Traditional vibration monitoring systems provide diagnostic
    information only after a high vibration incident occurs. EtaPRO Predictor continuously and automatically evaluates multiple fault symptoms in their early stages and provides advance warning of impending failure so corrective action can be taken.

    • Journal bearing faults
    • Gear wheel faults
    • Misalignment
    • Pole position faults
    • Rolling element bearing faults
    • Rubbing
    • Unbalance

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