Human Performance Improvement

Leading companies focus on human performance improvement, reducing errors, and leveraging technology to support their talent management programs. How employees are trained and how they adapt to the environment surrounding them is oftentimes more important than the technology and processes put in place to enable their success.

Questions like “what kind of training will work best for us?” or “what are the technology and tools that will help our people become successful?” can be answered in a variety of different ways. GP Strategies can help determine what answer is best for your company, or facility.

As your facility expands, or company grows, human performance and workforce development becomes even more critical. Look at some of the human performance improvement solutions we provide to see how we can help your company improve its operational readiness and achieve operational excellence.

Human Performance Improvement Solutions

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    Upfront Assessments

    Assessing the capabilities of your employees is key to leveraging your workforce to implement an overall human performance improvement or operational excellence strategy.

    GP Strategies has a wide range of assessments to help your company focus on what needs improvement, and what will help your company reach its KPIs. Our operational excellence assessments gives a clearer picture of what could use improvement across an entire organization, which includes workforce development initiatives. Assessments focused around asset performance management can not only help you determine the criticality of each piece of equipment, but the training that goes along with operating it. GP Strategies’ craft skills courseware and training process help evaluate the competency level of a maintenance workforce to develop a clear picture of your team’s maintenance skills gaps and specific training needs.

    We have the expertise and ability to identify a workforce’s skills gaps by using our customizable assessment process which is cross-referenced to a robust library database of maintenance skills, tasks, abilities, and courseware. Additionally, GP Strategies can assess and evaluate employees with varying levels of skills and knowledge.

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    Work Based Learning/Apprenticeship

    Many industries and organizations are facing the inevitable challenge of how to deal with replacing an aging workforce, especially when it comes to the skilled trades. The implementation of a customized apprenticeship program by GP Strategies can help to internalize your organization’s maintenance training and provide a consistent pool of highly trained and qualified talent.

    Also, technical colleges can leverage our programs, equipment, experienced instructors, and educational tools for student use. They are available to rapidly integrate into new and existing programs and are customizable for any training program needs.
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    GPiLEARN+ is a powerful learning management system (LMS) combined with industry specific content and customization to meet your companies unique needs. As part of a broader blended learning solution, GPiLEARN+ supports online, instructor-led, and hands-on content.

    The LMS also features business intelligence, workforce analysis, and benchmarking assessments so management can not only see how their employees are performance, but can compare the business’ performance against other companies in your industry.

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    Custom Technical Training

    If every organization is different, why do some training organizations use a standard approach for training?

    GP Strategies deploys a customized approach to fill the gaps and organizational challenges that matter to your company. With a proper assessment, we can determine what gaps to fill and how to fill them with the best raining methodologies. It could be hands-on training, classroom training, or a blended learning program that is a mix between online, hands-on and classroom. We can even build classes that are specific to your facilities equipment.

    View our Technical Training Catalog for some of our popular instructor-led, hands-on, and online training courses.

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    PRECISION Training Strategy

    With today’s skilled workforce aging, training our younger generation of skilled workers is more important than ever. GP Strategies PRECISION maintenance training strategy helps you develop training for a technical training audience and what you want to include to best support those initiatives.

    PRECISION makes up an acronym that stands for Planning, Recollection, Example videos, Class activities, Interactive screens, Safety information, Instructor resources, On-the-job training, and Navigation for instructors.

    Read more about how our Precision Training Strategy works, or watch this short, 20-minute webinar!

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    Documentation Development

    Well-written procedures and documentation are critical to providing a safe, consistent, and repeatable method for performing job tasks. Standard operating procedures establish a foundation on which organizations drive safety, efficiency, and continuous process improvement. GP Strategies’ procedure and documentation development services ensure your critical procedures and documentation are promptly and accurately developed.

    GP Strategies has over 50 years experience developing documentations, job aids, system descriptions, large control diagrams, and piping and instrumentation diagrams.


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