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Our Approach to Plant Launch

People, processes, and technology—these are the essential elements of your industry. And when it’s time to bring your business to a higher level, all three need to be ready. Your capital investment in a plant launch requires careful planning for the launch process.

With over 50 years of experience and hundreds of successful plant launches worldwide, we excel at assisting organizations achieve CapEx objectives. From concept and planning to staffing, technical documentation, operations and maintenance training, plus the implementation of operational excellence, GP Strategies can make it happen.

Our proven approach places equal emphasis on workforce performance, performance of key processes, and technology inside your new plant. Read some return on investment examples to learn how quickly the ways we can help you will pay off in your bottom line.

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Engineering Design

GP Strategies Engineering Design services can be engaged on a standalone basis or bundled to suit customer requirements and provide a cost-effective project solution.

Our multidisciplinary design teams deliver concept studies through to detailed design and implementation, specializing in hygienic manufacturing and life sciences discovery. Our registered civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, and fire protection engineers focus on delivering safe, performance-driven, and cost-effective solutions within heavily regulated industries. Our professional engineers provide expertise in a wide range of areas and applications:

  • Analysis of Complex Process and Utility Systems–Process flow charts, mass balance, heat balance, utility demand, as well as regulatory and operational requirements for liquids, solids, and powders
  • Plant Utilities–Compressed air, water, steam, refrigeration, fuel oil and gas, and specialized industrial gases
  • Packaging and Materials Handling Solutions for All Packaging Formats–Design and management of bottles, cans, FFS, flowwrap, blisterpacks, and cartons, through to secondary packaging and palletization. Projects often involve detailed analysis of conveyors and line accumulation
  • Electrical and Control Solutions–To cover HV and LV applications along with complex control systems to achieve the required levels of packaging and process automation. Our system designs include solutions from all major PLC manufacturers

Our multidisciplinary Building Design team covers architectural services, civil and structural engineering, and HVAC who, along with our Quantity Surveyors, provide a complete construction service from warehouse and production facilities through to laboratory and cleanroom facilities.

Manufacturing Consultancy

GP Strategies has delivered productivity improvements for manufacturing clients in the consumer packaged goods, process, energy, heavy industry, metals, and life sciences industries.

Modern manufacturing plants have a high reliance on automated processing systems and material handling equipment. These must be maintained and operated, and the workplace organized, in a manner that ensures that the mission of the organization is fulfilled in terms of productivity, quality, and customer service.

GP Strategies’ operational excellence program puts into place critical systems of work that are essential ingredients to achieving consistent, highly efficient manufacture. This and other techniques (including RCM, TPM, and FMEA) have assisted manufacturers in a wide range of industries recover lost ground, and hit best-ever performance outputs.


For all facets of manufacturing construction, from small to mid-sized specialized systems facilities, GP Strategies has the industry insight and experience needed to meet stringent quality and safety requirements. Our process includes the following:

  • In-house, turnkey services for responsiveness and reliability
  • Proven, long-term experience to ensure deadlines and budgets are met
  • Multidisciplinary capabilities in design and engineering, procurement, quality assurance, compliance, construction management, and more for added peace of mind
  • Unmatched service, backed by a company known for superior quality work

Construction Management

From individual task management and field office support to third-party oversight and comprehensive project management, you can count on GP Strategies to get the job done.

Our multidisciplinary experience in design and engineering, procurement, construction, inspection, maintenance, and repair gives us unique insight into construction management to help build specialized facilities. Add to that our certifications, skills, standards, accountability, and proven track record for on-time and on-budget delivery.

GP Strategies specializes in construction management for the full range of manufacturing facilities. Our representative and guaranteed maximum price services include the following:

  • Project and contracts management
  • Quality assurance support
  • Inspections, examinations, and tests
  • Certified welding consultation and procedure development
  • Project and contracts control
  • Procedure development
  • Third-party oversight
  • System validation

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